What is the Windfreak Technologies Return Policy?

Customers have 3 months after receiving the unit to return the product for a full refund. Upon returning product, please delete all instances and backups of software. Please do not distribute. Return shipping cost is the customers responsibility but usually costs less than $10 in the US, and $40 international.

What are the shipping costs?

Inside the US:

  • Priority (2-3 days) $10 for one.*
  • Express (1-2 days) $25 for one.*


  • Express (4-9 days) $40 for one.*
*Add $5 for each additional unit.  **We are happy to ship on your USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL or other shipping account with no added charges.

Is RF Contract Design and Consulting available?

Yes. Areas of Expertise that can be quoted by the job or hour:

  • Modification of Windfreak Tech product hardware
  • Modification of Windfreak Tech product firmware and software
  • On site troubleshooting and integration of WFT hardware into customer equipment
  • Over 15 years design (to manufacture) experience.
  • Proven reliable product in the field.
  • Quotes available per unit with low up front NRE on production units.
  • Possible zero NRE on high volume applications.
  • Outgoing, enthusiastic communication with you and your customers.
  • Request a quote here.