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Vallarta Bay Art

"Featuring The Creative visions of world renowned artist Malcolm Farley"

About Malcolm

music2Over the last two decades the world has been a stage for Malcolm Farley to perform upon, and from which to capture it’s most magnificent events. Few have been present to view from the vantage point that Malcolm has been blessed to have witnessed from. Side by side with Carlos Santana in front of one hundred sun drenched fans for a “live” MTV audience, in the bullpen sketching the World Series, or stage left profiling “Man of the Century” Mikhail Gorbachev while addressing a group of international dignitaries on global technology, the list goes on and on for the prolific “Artist to the Stars”.

Now, while still continuing to record prominent moments such as the Super Bowl, The Grammy’s, The Olympics, and presidential inaugurations, Malcolm has chosen to combine his love of art, writing, and travel, to explore a world that has been intriguing to him since child hood.

Malcolm was born into global family, traveling and living in Africa and northern India at an early age. In fact, his fifteenth birthday was spent hiking to the base camp of Mount Everest! Feeling the urge to return to the source of memories of a fruitful time in his development, he later traveled to the southeast Asia to teach art and advertising in Foochow, China. His artistic abilities have since opened doors to paint throughout the Caribbean, Australia for the Olympics, and now for the last three years…..Mexico.

Having found a home, found a bride, and fathered a son in Puerto Vallarta, Malcolm has found seen a need to further expose a culture to traveler’s everywhere, and give back to a city that has stimulated and rejuvenated his creative juices.

“The art, music, and design of the Latin culture has hit an inner chord, enhancing my life in so many ways, so I feel a need to chronicle my experiences for the rest of the world to share. Puerto Vallarta is a very “special” place, I have always been drawn to the Bay of Banderas and magic that occurs when the mountains meet the ocean.”