No BS… Just Results.

Our team of personal trainers and nutritionists have created an all inclusive, results-driven fitness experience… The MUV Method

Our Goal? To transform your body into a fat burning machine…

Why we’re different…

  • The MUV method is based on science. Not guesswork. State of the art metabolic testing is the cornerstone of all program design.
  • We design a customized program that incinerates fat, builds lean muscle and repairs metabolic damage.
  • We fuse the support and accountability of private (one on one) personal training with the energy and commraderie of group fitness classes. The best of both worlds.​

MUV takes training outside “the box”.

With gyms located all over greater Denver, we make fitness more convenient, fun, flexible and effective than ever. We offer multiple training options that fit your schedule and your wallet.

The World of Fitness has just been Redefined…Are You Ready to MUV?