Purchasing a Home

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I’m buying a Home – What to Consider

Buying a home in Kansas can occur for many reasons: Your buying your first home, your family is growing and you need something bigger, your family has grown up and moved out so your looking for something smaller; whatever the reason is it’s always a big step so you want to do it right. Here are some things to consider when working with one of the biggest investments in your life.

First and Foremost – What works best for my current situation?

  1. What home features are important – big yard, 4 bedrooms, finished basement, updated kitchen and baths…
  2. What type of neighborhood is best for us – kid friendly, schools and highway access, work proximity, neighborhood or more rural…
  3. How much can I/we afford? – don’t forget property taxes, insurance, HOA dues and utilities (Mike Waris can help you with these financial calculations so feel free to contact him anytime – 123-456-7890)

Find a lender who will walk you through the process, they can help with:

  • Credit review and any issues with it that need to be addressed
  • Help calculate down payment options and how different amounts can impact your loan
  • Review different terms and mortgage loan options to find what works best for your situation, budget and long term strategy
  • Provide prequalification steps and Pre-Approval Letters which can help when negotiating on a home (sellers take pre-approved buyers more seriously because they are ready to buy and complete a transaction)

Why should I work with a real estate agent?

A good agents experience can help you through the process providing insight and experience in many ways such as:

  • Ask questions that you might not to help you better understand what you really need in a new home.
  • Streamline the search process by focusing on the appropriate neighborhoods and finding homes in your price range.
  • Correctly handling the purchase offers and significant paperwork, along with all inspections.
  • They handle the negotiation for you allowing you time to consider offers and counter offers and minimizing the emotion that could push to a decision you really did or didn’t want to make.
  • The can be a great resource for a variety of servicers and suppliers (inspectors, painters, remodels).
  • Provide an honest assessment, value wise, on the property you are considering.
  • Handle all closing details so that you can sign and get your keys.