Distilling Classes and Distilling Workshops

Are you looking to start a distillery and are not quite sure how to get it up and running? If so I would take the 2-day class at Downslope Distilling. I took this class last weekend July 19th and 20th and I have to say the guys at Downslope know their business very well and teach their students the facts and myths about running a distillery. Everything from water quality, mashes/washes, fermentation, distillation, filtration, infusion, aging, bottling, tasting / flavor profiles, permits / application requirements, zoning/fire safety requirements, bonding, TTB Reports, margins, and distribution and marketing. There are question and answer sessions that will allow you to get answers from people who have gone through the process completely and have been running a distillery for over five years. The guys at Downslope Distilling also review problems/issues that they have had in the past and what they would have done differently.

You are going to receive valuable tips and information from guys who learned everything they know at the school of hard knocks and you’ll learn how to avoid making the same mistakes they did. Starting a distilling business can cost thousands — maybe even hundreds of thousands — of dollars. You don’t want to go into the decision without knowing all the pros and cons. The $525.00 you invest in the course will wind up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. This course is a MUST if you are serious about starting a distillery. You want to know exactly what is ahead of you and the guys at Downslope Distilling tell you what you need to know without sugar coating anything.This course will give you the confidence to dive in and make your dream of owning a distillery a reality.

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If you are just wanting take the moonshine still to the next level and perfect your fermentation and distilling process to make quality products then the one day intensive workshops might be the class for you. Take a look at classes offered through Mile Hi Distilling.

Mile Hi Distilling 48 Hour Yeast on Sale

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This 48 Hour Turbo Yeast is a nutrient and yeast that is a higher alcohol tolerant yeast and will produce 20% ABV in your sugar wash.

6.5 gallon wash;

one packet of yeast ( 135 grams )

5.5 gallons of water

18 lbs of sugar.


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If you’re new to distilling or just want to improve your skills we have partnered with Downslope Distillery to offer an ongoing selection of classes.Whether you’re a hobbyist or are thinking of getting your feet wet in the distilling industry these classes are a great investment of your time and money.

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