Material Processing

Gasket Eng-112Laminating:
Both rigid and flexible materials.

Up to 62″ wide

Multiple layers

Single items and multi-layer laminates

Wide web slitting up to 62″, using score, shear, Razor knives

Tooling assisted for tight tolerances, narrow web Score or sheet slitting

Die Cutting:
Steel rule, Class “A” male/female and Progressive steel tooling are manufactured In house by our skilled craftsmen. Dimensional information is fed from our CAD Drawings to automatic steel rule benders and Wire EDM cutters for steel tooling.

Special coatings, stamping and custom Packaging services are offered in a very Cost effective manner.

Silicone Beading – We are able to apply silicone beading using a silk screen process. Typical bead height (2-5 mils) heats and oil resistant. This process is useful in a variety of applications.

A sealing process used by Gasket Engineering and provided by Interface Solutions, which is used for a variety of More difficult sealing applications. Select-A-Seal uses a 3-part barrier to Seal. This process includes a Primary Barrier known as the Polymer Edge, the Second Sealing Barrier known as the Intrusion Edge, and the Base Material Known as the Structural Carrier.