Why You Need Title Insurance

When you purchase your home, how can you be sure that there are no problems with the home's title and that the seller really owns the property? Problems with the title can limit your use and enjoyment of the property..

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The Title Search

After your sales contract has been accepted, a title professional will search the public records to look for any problems with the home's title. This search typically involves a review of land records going back many years..

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The Owner’s Title Policy

Sometimes titles problem occur that could not be found in the publice record or are inadvertently missed in the title search process. To help protect you in these events, it is recommended that you obtain an Owner’s policy of Title Insurrance to ensure you against the most unforseen problem.

Owner’s Title Insurance, called an Owner’s Policy, is usually issued in the amount of the real estate purchase. It is purchased for a one-time fee at closing and lasts for as long as you or your heirs have an interest in the property. Only an Owner’s Policy fully protects the buyer should a covered title problem arise with the title that was not found during the title search. Possible hidden title problems can include:


Errors or omissions in deeds


Mistakes in examining records


Undisclosed heirsthe property




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