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5-Step Case Study Production Method
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We handle the success story process from beginning to end, and we treat your clients with care and respect. When it comes to getting the project completed, we practice the three P’s: professionalism, politeness, and persistence.


5-Step Case Study Production Method

We bring efficiency and organization to the development process by thinking through the details, setting timelines, and ensuring high quality deliverables.


Selection and contact: We sit down and discuss your best success story candidates. Once candidates are selected, they are contacted by you and invited to participate. Once they agree to participate, ClientKudos takes over.

Five Step Method


Interview and writing: ClientKudos’ professional and approachable writers interview each success story candidate, compose the story, and add quotes and photos where appropriate.


Design: We analyze your website, marketing materials, and logo. With these elements in mind, we provide a design that complements your corporate identity and existing marketing materials.


Editing: You, as well as the subject of the success story, receive a proof copy and have the opportunity to make changes. ClientKudos will edit to your specifications and secure final approval from the subject of the success story.


Delivery: Your success stories are provided in high-resolution PDF files for printing by you or a commercial printer. The PDF file is also available for immediate distribution by email and for posting at your website.

Top Talent Team Model

At ClientKudos, we use our proprietary Top Talent Team Model. We use only the best professionals in their respective fields for your success story project. We have carefully chosen writers, editors, designers, researchers, financial experts and project managers to make your story the best story possible. Not only is your story produced by individuals who have shown great ability in their area of expertise, the story is also created faster because of this division of labor.

Top Talent

Get Started – Invite and Inform Your Clients

Sometimes the hardest part of getting started is inviting your best clients, and providing them with an overview of the process. It’s important to set expectations early about the end result, and what it will take to get there. Clients appreciate an efficient and predictable process that will make the best use of their time.

When you work with ClientKudos, we provide you with a Success Story Pitch Packet that contains sample communications you can use with your clients, as well as a brief sketch of the process:

Get Started

Welcome and Thank you. We appreciate your interest in participating in ABC Company’s Client Success Story Program. ABC Company success stories highlight clients, and the benefits and results they have achieved with our products and services. It’s a great opportunity for you to document and measure your successes, and gain positive exposure for your best-practices tactics. We strive to keep the process quick and convenient for all involved.

Here’s what’s involved in the success story process:

Success Story - Shorten Your Sales Cycle
  • Interview. A writer from ClientKudos, our success story solution consultant, will contact you to schedule an interview at your convenience. The writer walks you through a series of questions regarding your experience with our company solutions. Typically, interviews take 30-45 minutes.
  • Draft review. You will receive a draft of the success story for your review. Circulate the draft to those individuals at your company that need to review it, make edits and changes, and send it back to ClientKudos. ClientKudos will then incorporate your changes, and provide a clean draft for final approval.
  • Final approval. Review for final approval and sign off. The total time estimated for your participation is one to one and a half hours, with the interview taking the majority of that time.
  • Success Story Use. You will receive an electronic version of the finished success story. It will be posted on our website and will also be used in prospect meetings, sales training, newsletters, direct marketing campaigns, and public relations efforts.

We are grateful for your consideration and participation in our success story program. Please contact me for additional information or to discuss the process.

Thank You!