Who Is CL?
Some Of Her Highlights



Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg

The Kansas City Coach

Carrie-Lynn, a.k.a. CL, is a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Business Coach. She is also a member of the ICF, the International Coach Federation, which is the leading global coaching association. ICF is the most recognized coaching organization, and holds its members to the highest professional standards. She is also a member of the World Coaching Institute.

Carrie-Lynn graduated with her bachelors degree from the University of Virginia, which is often called the “Public Ivy League,” is the No. 2 ranked “Best Public University” in the nation, and was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819.

  • Certified Business Coach
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Graduated from the #2 Best Public University in the United States
    – the University of Virginia
  • Past Director of Marketing
  • Coaching since 2007
  • International Coach Federation Member
  • World Coach Institute Member
  • BNI Member
  • Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Member
  • The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri Member

Knows Her Business

Carrie-Lynn has an in depth background in marketing, business, and coaching.

CL has been a Life Coach and Business Coach for the past 7 years. She is an internationally Certified Coach, writer and speaker. Carrie-Lynn has worked as a Life Coach for some of the world’s largest non-profit organizations, including Cru. She has also worked in corporate America doing marketing in NYC for the largest healthcare provider in the Tri-State area, EmblemHealth, and as the Director of Marketing for a very successful private healthcare practice in Kansas City. As a Coach, Carrie-Lynn has traveled all over the United States, Europe, Central America and South America to help people thrive. She is extremely passionate and gifted at helping business owners create visions, goals, and action plans, and also at helping people fulfill their dreams and live the life they have always wanted.

While growing up, CL’s family owned (and continues to own) a small business. Her family owns a massage therapy practice in New York. Throughout her entire life, CL has experienced the ups and downs of small business ownership and management. One of the most striking things Carrie-Lynn realized from early on was that business doesn’t come naturally. Although her mother is one of the best massage therapists on Long Island, the business didn’t always thrive.

Why not? Because a talent in massage therapy (or in construction, medicine, carpet cleaning, yoga, etc.) is NOT the same as a talent in business.

CL, who has always been passionate about business management, began helping the family business in its marketing and business efforts. She realized that it is completely possible for a small business to do extremely well, but that an expertise in massage therapy MUST be married to an expertise in business.

CL is devoted to helping small business owners excel in their field and make a lot of money to do what they love. She understands not only through her world renowned education, but from her life-long “in the trenches” experience, what it takes for a small business to grow beyond expectation, and wants to help Kansas City residents fulfill their dreams.

On A More Personal Note

CL is from New York and has lived in London, England and Rome, Italy. She recently married the love of her life, James, and they and their two dogs, Paxton and Charlotte, live in Kansas City.

Carrie-Lynn loves reading, learning,running half marathons, traveling, going on walks with her husband and dogs, cooking, and serving people.