Boost Therapy Programs

Boost Therapy Programs

Total Joint Program

BOOST is now offering an outpatient joint program to assist patients in all their outpatient PT needs.

-We offer convenient store front parking, making it easier for patients to get to physical therapy.

-Comprehensive evaluation with your therapist

-Based on examination findings we will work with our patients to set individual goals and
plan of care to maximize functional recovery and independence.

-Treatment sessions will be focused on therapeutic exercise and functional training including:
- Individual exercise
- ROM activities
- Gait and transfer training
- Therapeutic strengthening/endurance exercises
- Joint mobilizations
- Game ready ice/compression for edema and pain control

-Contact with your surgeon on your progress with physical therapy

-Individualized Home Exercise Program

BOOST Aquatic Program

At Boost, our goal is to create an environment that will allow the healing properties of water to accelerate your recovery. Our team has partnered with local aquatic centers in your area to offer ease of access into the pool with a qualified therapist who will instruct you in exercises and guide through a specific regimen to meet your rehabilitation and athletic needs.

Why aquatic therapy?

The benefits of various aquatic principles such as buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, and viscosity can help you assist in taking pressure off a joint or to create specific three-dimensional resistance to increase strength in a moving body part. Remember, at Boost our goal is to DO WORK and with a supportive and challenging environment created by being in the water, we can find the “athlete” in all of us.

Talk to your physician and let them know that you would like to get started today.

*Please consult with your physician before participating in an aquatic program if you have any special medical conditions such as: lung or heart disease, circulatory problems, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, skin irritations or any other serious illnesses.

Spine Program

BOOST offers comprehensive, patient-centered care for individuals with acute, sub-acute, and chronic back and neck pain that affects their health, productivity and quality of life. Our highly trained staff performs treatments that consist of therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, movement dysfunction analysis, core stabilization, body mechanic training, posture re-education, sports specific training, home exercise implementation, and pre/post-operative rehabilitation. Our goal is to optimize the patient’s physical mobility and function through treatment and education providing an experience that will allow each client to meet their desired goals.