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Client Testimonials

Phil Marsillio

(April 15th, 2003)

“You’re the best”

Jeff Kaye

(June 5th, 2003)

“Thanks so much for the quick & excellent service. Everything went well. The driver, John, was very professional and just a real nice guy. If you ever need a reference for any reason, feel free to give me a call, it’d be my pleasure.”
Thanks again!

Matt Lutton

(June 24th, 2003)

“Thanks again for your help. I have decided to go with your company. You not only met the prices I had been quoted by other companies but Gigi’s ability to answer all my questions and walk me through the process when all the other companies would evade my questions or not answer them at all made up my mind.”
Thanks again.

Chip Lawson

(March 1st, 2004)

Greg –
“Assume you heard that my boat move went fine. Boat arrived on time and other than the usual dirt, undamaged.” Great jobThanks!!

Ben Bullis

(March 6th, 2004)

Greg –
“Recently I had my boat moved by your company from Racine Wi to Port Huron Mi. I worked with Pat Zsiga. The service was outstanding at every turn. The marina in Racine was hard to work with and Mr. Mash was able to work through problems on my behalf and expedite the moving of my boat. It is rare these days that an organization is able to provide the customer what they expect, namely price quality, delivery and service. In all instances your company was able to provide exactly what I needed.”
Thank You

Lynne Klosowski

(April 20th, 2004)

“We’ve received a lower quote prior to receiving yours, but thank you for your quick response. I appreciate your professionalism and good customer service.”

Jim Busse

(May 30th, 2004)

“Thanks for your time and consideration. Based on all the costs, we have decided to pursue a boat that’s local to us. I will recommend your service to anyone needing transport, and should I need the transport in the future, I will most certainly save your email and ask you first.”
Again, thanks.
Best Regards

George Vaccaro (Harvard , MA)

(June 3rd, 2004)

“You shipped my boat in March. I was very satisfied with the job and I will use you again if I have the need.” Thank you very much.
(Tim was the Driver)

Jeff Jacobs

(June 9th, 2004)

“Boat was received – I will go see it soon but I hear it made it safely. Thanks for all your help and assistance getting it out here.”

SEAYA (Tom Caverno)

(June 21st, 2004)

“If I could get half of the performance out of my girl friend that I got from you, my life would be as smooth as cream. Most of the time there is always a hitch. But I didn’t even get the smallest one from you.”
I’ll be calling again, thanx for everything.

Ralph Mirsky (Ketchikan , Alaska)

(June 23rd, 2004)

Hey Debbie,
“Got the boat, it was delivered to Padden Creek Marine in Bellingham , WA yesterday afternoon. I was unable to be their and I was impressed that your driver had the folks at Padden Creek call me to get my permission to drop the boat. I had already been advised by David Tripp the owner of Gowen’s Marine in Portland Maine , that he was very impressed with the driver. David told me that in his opinion having dealt with many drivers over the years, that your driver really impressed him, aside from having a great truck, David said he was one of the most experienced and competent drivers that he had ever dealt with. I also want to tell you how much I have appreciated and enjoyed working with you, it truly has a been a pleasure and a pleasant experience. I will surely pass on the good experience and word to my friends and associates here in Alaska re: yourself and Specialty Trucking. Look forward to meeting you sometime, and if you are ever in Alaska , look me up. The State may be big but their aren’t allot of us nuts living full time up here, so I’m not that hard to find.”

James Cook (Fredrick, MD)

(July 15th, 2004)

“I had to take a minute and drop a thank you to everyone at for an excellent job in delivering my 25′ Nova XL from Evansville ,In. to Frederick , Md. I’d like to especially thank Deb for her promptness and professional demeanor with a customer. Everything from her top notch emails to quickly answering voicemails impressed me right from the start. Deb with Boat Express was the first to reply to my dozens of free quote requests, and Deb’s emails were excellent, answered my questions before I could ask. After reading the email that included, a contract, and full instructions on how to prep the boat, I only needed to call her for a delivery timeframe.”

Jeff Jacobs

(July 16th, 2004)

“Thanks again for all your help! I’m taking some time off work to enjoy the boat and today is my last day!” Thanks!

Mike Mondino

(July 22nd, 2004)

“Thanks for all your help, and information that you provided in regards to the transportation of the Mastercraft from Texas to Calif. I will be happy to recommend your company to any of my co workers looking to do any boat transportation.”

Steve Nelson

(September 21st, 2004)

Debbie –
“Thank you so much for your assistance in getting my new boat out of Florida . You went above and beyond with hurricane number three roaring towards Tampa . George was very nice and extremely professional – way above what I was expecting, especially under the hurried circumstances. The boat arrived on time and in perfect condition – just a few (well, more than a few) bugs on the radar and windshield, but no big deal. I owe you – and make sure your boss buys you a terrific lunch – lobster or whatever – and champagne.”

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