Commercial and residential property owners connected to a municipal water system are responsible for the water service line into and throughout the building. In some jurisdictions this starts at the meter pit or curb stop (valve). In others the owner’s responsibility extends all the way to the tap on the city main water line, most often located in the street in front of the property.

At Apex Plumbing, we have the expertise and experience to properly diagnose your water leak problems. We can recommend the best, most cost efficient method of repair or replacement. Often, repairs can be performed with minimal impact on your home, business and/or landscaping.

If you have questions, are experiencing problems with your water service line, want to improve the pressure or flow, or if you want to remove lead from your water service, Apex Plumbing is the company to call!

Additional Information on Water Lines:

  • Older (pre 1960 +/-) water lines were originally installed using lead or galvanized steel pipe. Over time these materials wear out or get damaged by ground movement, tree roots etc.
    In the case of galvanized steel pipe, the galvanized coating eventually wears off and they begin to rust, resulting in water leaks requiring repair or replacement.
  • Lead water lines eventually become brittle, corrode and fragments of the corroded lead can chip off and be swept into tap water.  Pinholes and cracks will result eventually causing the lead line to leak and or rupture, which then will require replacement.
  • Copper water service lines have proven to be quite durable in most applications. The exception would be in districts with corrosive minerals in their water supplies or soil. Some areas along the Front Range require plastic or composite materials to combat corrosion. The city of Denver and most of the surrounding areas still require copper to be used for water service lines. The copper pipe buried outside is of a much heavier gauge than indoor copper pipe, with a life expectancy of 75+ years.


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