Kansans love to talk about the weather. This past week, the temperature has been extremely spring-like for the middle of February. Some are hoping that the plants don’t start to emerge only to be frozen at some point in the next two months. We all remember eight inches of snow or freezing rain in April. I’m not a betting man, but I am fairly certain that a weeklong cold snap is in the cards. However, it won’t be long until the flowers will start blooming and annual cursing of the weeds will begin.

I visited with a local business owner yesterday, and we discussed how during the months of January and February, business slows to the dripping pace of a melting icesicle. Covering overhead can be a challenge. However, with spring on the way, people are getting out and business tends to pick up. It is time for spring cleaning and dressing up your business for the season to come: What kind of impression will your business make with passersbys? Will the public see flowers or weeds? Cleaning and dressing up your business’ appearance can create a positive and vibrant impression of your enterprise and draw people in. Power washing the façade, touch up painting, sweeping the sidewalk, cleaning the windows, and placing plants near your business entrance are little things that create a great impression. Just remember to keep the plants watered and the sidewalk swept.

However, if you do nothing and let the weeds grow up in the cracks of your sidewalk, yard, planting beds, and sign base, your business will look tired, unkempt and less desirable. If the windblown dust and leaves from last fall are deposited against your business, it is a sign that you lack concern for how potential customers view you, and by extension that you may offer the same level of neglect to your actual customers and products. Sometimes, it’s the little things that say the most.

I am looking forward to seeing the businesses blooming to welcome people in. But I also expect that I will see commercial properties with weeds, dust, debris and a general look or neglect. What do we want our impression of Abilene and your business to be? Flower or weeds?